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We advise on:

Business Administration
Is your admin team as efficient as it could be? Are they working as a team? They may
have ideas that could prove beneficial to you, but are reluctant to make suggestions.

Business Management
Is your business team pulling together? Conflicting issues, however small, can have
a dramatic affecr for you, the workforce and your productivity. We mediate and
galvanise the team so that it works with one goal in mind. Your company success!

Retail Management
Complacencey within a retail team, however small, is fatal! Goals need to be reached;
your targets need to be met for the business to survive. We encourage your team
members to push forward to reach goals that achieve your targets. Small adjustments
to attitude from a neutral party can bring the results you want!

Quality Assurance
Quality is linked to all of the above and we will endeavour to make sure it is. You should
have a quality process! Minor details can often be overlooked. A quality process where
people feel valued, giving them a sense of pride and confidence in themselves and your
companies success...we will help achieve that!

Neuro Linguistical Programming
A subtle way of enhancing all of the above. It is unobtrusive, and works. You want your
business to suceed - we help your team to do this!

We are non-confrontational and friendly. All information is strictly confidential, and we
will not divulge team members names. We work in small pockets of time so that staff
distraction is kept to a minimum. We make subtle suggestions based on the knowledge
we learn. The size of the team is unimportant. What is important is that they give you
100% efficiency, and want to!

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